Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas A to Z: D is for Decorations

Today's installment of Christmas A to Z - D is for Decorations.


I don't mean to offend you with my all caps exclamation, but it completely fits.  If we lived on our own it would be hard for me to not start decorating November 1st.  I have done it before.

The kids help decorate.  They put the ornaments on and get help from Auntie and Triple A {Adopted Auntie Andrea}.

 Since this is how the ornaments usually end up after the kids have gone to bed we move ornaments some.  

 You take silly pictures in front of the tree.  Because what is life without silliness?  

Then you sit back and admire the beauty.  

This is my parents tree.  I am looking forward to setting up ours when we get home.  That is of course if Husband hasn't already done it for us.

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