Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas A to Z: I is for Innocent

I would like to blame the hustle and bustle of this season on why I haven't been able to keep up with Christmas A to Z.  That is just not the case. I have been knocked out with a winter cold.

My hope is to get all caught up before the end of the year.  Today's installment of Christmas A to Z is the letter I.

I is for innocent.

Have you ever stopped to look at Christmas through the innocent eyes of a child? The awe of a twinkling light? The amazement of the Christmas tree. The wonderment of a wrapped package. 

Looking at Christmas through the innocent eyes of children changes the way you view the holiday. It is not just the magic. It is not just the excitement. Both of which can be intoxicating. There is something more.

As an adult I loved Christmas - before kids. I love the sounds the smells the imagery. There is just something different about Christmas as a parent. When you add in the excitement of Christmas with kids and the innocent faith they have - it adds a whole new level.

Admiring a new to them decoration. One of my favorites that has not been put out this this year because of touchy hands.

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