Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas A to Z: H is for Hope

This is not shocking - I fell off the wagon with this series.  I am determined to get get caught up and finish A to Z Christmas on Christmas day. This post will be exactly why I fell off the wagon.

We are up to the letter H.

H was going to be for "Holiday", how much I hated that word, and why I changed my mind. Then life throws you a curve ball. Striking you out without even giving you a chance to swing.

Now H is for Hope.

When you are small you are filled with hope.  Hope that the thing you want most in your little life will be there from Santa on Christmas morning. As you get older those hopes change. Then you have the hope that maybe this will be the year that you will have someone to share the holidays with. Then you become a Christian and you are filled with the hope that comes from Jesus.

This season I was so focused on giving. I was able to give. I was so excited. God blessed us to be able to give this year. Until 13 days before Christmas that is. The enemy stuck us big time. The "Christian" company my husband was working for decided at 6 pm on 2 weeks before Christmas to eliminate the department he worked in, without any warning.

Let's be honest. It shook my faith. How could a company that claims to have strong family and Christian values do this to families 13 days before Christmas?

I am doing everything I can to hang on to hope. Hope that this is only a momentary set back. Hope that things will finally turn around. Hope that we will live on our own again. Hope we will be out of debt. Hope my children won't remember too much of this and what they do remember are the good things.

So, instead of all my typical Christmas jolliness I am drowning myself in the HOPE that only Jesus can provide.

As Christians we share the hope of Jesus more this time of the year.

Jesus is our hope.

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