Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas A to Z: O is for Ornaments

O is for Ornaments

Neither of us really had many traditions that we had to carry into our marriage. So we sat down and started thinking - what traditions do we want for our family.  Until we had kids nothing we tried really stuck.

But now we have a few.  After we had Little Miss I decided that I would love for her (and each child) to have a collection of ornaments that I can give to them when they have their own first tree - either when they officially move out on their own, or when they get married.  I am not 100% sure when I will give it to them.  It will be bittersweet I am sure.

We started buying each child and ourselves an ornament that signifies something from that year.

Our big thing this year was our zoo pass.  We got a Tiger and got Little Miss this Swan.

This was the first year that Little Mister understands "Santa." So much so he just had to talk to Santa the first time he saw him at the mall.  It was appropriate that we got this ornament for him.

I had taken pictures of all of our ornaments last year in hopes to create an ornament story book that we add to each year.  The idea is that the reason for the ornament, who the ornament was for, if it was from someone and the date would all be documented. That way when I am long and gone my great-grandkids will be able to have a glimpse into Great Grandma's Christmas Crazy!

Well, hopefully that will be done in 2015!

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