Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas A to Z: S is for Santa

S is for Santa

I never really questioned if I was going to "let" my children believe in Santa.  My husband never did either.  It was just something that we were going to let happen. It was our turn to get to play Santa and we were excited!

The first year we had to "do Santa" what do you do for a 1 year old who doesn't get it? I remember standing there trying to make a decision thinking, "Man, why can't Santa really exist?" I am sure I will find myself saying the same thing as my kids get older.

With the life struggles that have been ever present over the last few years I have been blessed that my kids have asked for simple, non-specific things.

This year -- oh the list was long!  Little Mister "The stay away from the Monster Thomas set." - that will frustrate the daylights out of him since not a single train he has will work on it.  Or the "Sing and Glow Elsa" - only the most popular toy!  So, I encouraged them to ask Santa for a few things and he will bring what you will have the most fun with.

We went for our yearly picture with Santa. AND Holy Canolies! My daughter spoke to Santa! Finally, at 5 years old - with her Daddy present - she told Santa she wanted Elsa shoes, Rapunzel shoes and Dora and her friends.  Then she stood there and took a picture.

My son - well that's another story.  Today - there was no speaking to Santa, no picture taking, none of it.  He isn't feeling well, so I will give him that.  He had already told Santa what he wanted, twice.

Maybe next year we will actually be healthy in December.

Share your Santa Stories below!

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