Monday, January 5, 2015

5 Party Tips for Teachers Pay Teachers

Today I am going to talk about parties. Like any party you are going to have to invite people and you should have a theme. Unlike most parties you won't need to clean the house, come up with a menu, cook the food, decorate or create party favors.

Pinning Party:

The idea behind a pinning party is that you share products you want pinned in exchange for pinning products that others have posted.

These are hosted in the Seller Forum of Teachers Pay Teachers.

The host starts the party by creating a new thread {Post a Topic}.  They then list the rules of the party.  I have found that most parties are post 2 (I have seen up to 10!) products and pin the 2 products listed above you. You pin these products to the board that fits best for you.

All of my educational boards are preschool in nature - that is where my expertise is. Seeing that I might be joining a party behind a secondary teacher I created a board that is for teaching resources BEYOND preschool.

Personally, I have not been as active as I would like in the whole pinning party game. That is one of my goals for this year. (I have been super active in the collaborative boards which will be a different post at a different time.) The parties I have been a part of, I have not seen the kind of re-pins that I had hoped for. This could have been because of the changes to Pinterest that happened the later part of 2014. This could have been that I was just not as active as I needed to be.

Linky Party:

The idea behind a Linky Party is that you go to a site other than Teachers Pay Teachers and link things up.

These parties can be hosted on Facebook, Google Plus, or blogs.

Each party is a little different depending on the platform.  Facebook and Google Plus you will just comment on the original post.  Blog parties you will link up using a Linky Party tool.

The host will create a post and give the rules of the party. If it is a Facebook or Google Party you will post the URL to your product or post in the comments.  If it is a blog you will click the Linky Party Tool button and fill out the little form.

Rules may include you pinning products from people who joined the party. They may included that you visit blogs from those who joined. The rules may ask you to post only products of a certain nature.

For example, if you look back to Saturday you will see #BestSellerSaturday weekly link up. If you were going to join this Linky Party you were to link up your Best Selling item of 2014.  Next Saturday it will be your best selling item of the week. Some weeks it might have a specific theme - like your best selling winter product. You can check out a Facebook Link Up here.

Tips when participating:

1. With pinning parties you will post what you want pinned. You don't pick what to re-pin, you pick where to re-pin it.

2. Post your product from Pinterest to make re-pinning super easy!

3. More Exposure = More Re-Pins = More Sales (You don't have to just pin from the person right before you. What if you pinned the person above you and two others?)

4. Comment on the thread from the Seller's Forum after you link up. This brings the thread back to the top and gives the party more exposure.

5. If it is a Linky Party comment on the blog post - as bloggers, we like comments.  We love comments. Comments make you warm and fuzzy.


  1. I am really new to blogging and just joined the Hob Nob linky party last night. It was great to read your post as I've been wondering what I'm supposed to be doing... I'm also interested in creating printables and have heard about Teachers Pay Teachers but haven't checked them out yet.
    So much to learn! I didn't realize how much there was to learn about blogging!
    Thanks again for sharing your post. I really appreciated reading it!

    1. Jennifer - welcome! I am happy to help. I love Teachers Pay Teachers! The best thing to do when learning about TpT is to dig into the sellers forum. It has SOO helped me out.

      I would love to check out your blog!


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