Sunday, January 4, 2015

So ... Behavior Challenges

So ... when Mommy is working quiet a bit over the last week behavior challenges sometimes rear their ugly heads.

Little Mister had a ROUGH day on Friday - so bad that they went to bed early without stories.

So how do you get behavior challenges to turn around?

For Little Mister it means that he needs attention from Mommy. He needs to feel that he is important. He needs to feel that his needs are being met. He needs to use up energy.

We took them to the mall to play. Several of our mall have these soft indoor play areas.

Since our behavior modification tactics were working we stopped for lunch.

So ... when you bite into a sandwich from Jimmy Johns and you have a loose tooth - it might go sideways. It might have to be pulled out while eating lunch.

So ... what do you do when ugly behaviors emerge?

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