Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Throw Back Thursday Week 2: Park Play

"Mommy, can I PLEASE go play outside?" Is the third thing I hear from him today. And when he looks at me with this kind of face I really want to give in. But it is bitterly cold and we just can't.
We are craving some sun, sand and sidewalks!
So, on this #TBT I will throw back to some outside times. 
At a local park playing by the pine tree.

Same park, same tree.

Backyard 'flower' picking.

This is really what he wants to do. Play with his cars and
construction trucks in the sand and dirt. Soon Son, soon.
We won't be getting to butterflies and bugs until April, but seeing that we are longing for some outside time I figured I would highlight ...

Here is it in action!  It has several No Prep Printables as well as Hands On Activities.  It is an entire week plus of Preschool oriented bug activities.

Dot Dabber Letters - Print and Go or Playdough Mats

Letter Match Puzzles, Vocabulary Flash Cards and writing practice, and Blob Bugs.

Fly and Spider B game, number puzzles, and more dot dabbers (to keep attention while counting).

Your turn!

Today's Throw Back Thursday anything that would fall in the "Sun, Sand and Sidewalks" category.

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