Saturday, February 21, 2015

Best Seller Saturday #8

Hi all! How are you loving this winter weather? Here in Ohio we have been hit by the white stuff finally this winter. We were able to head out and play in it one time because to accompany the white stuff we are getting hit with Arctic temperatures. Makes for 2 not so happy little people in this house. Today we are getting blasted again. I will take it over our dear friends in New England any day.

So what are we here for today! to babble and rabble? ... YES! Nah just kidding. It is time for Best Seller Saturday.  I took a look over my sales this week. I have sold 1 item of everything that has sold this week.  Not even a double.  :)  Then I looked at revenue - one of the items was higher priced than the rest -- all week I sold only 1 and 1.50 items.  It was just silly!

So this is my best seller this week.

I love this coloring book. My dear friend asked me to make this for her daughter's birthday. I even left the dedication page in the book, so when it is purchased you are also graced with a jelly fish drawing from Little Miss.

You are not going to get all your standard animals in this one. A is for African Elephant instead of Ape.  E is for Emperor Penguin.  N is for Naked Mole Rat.  W is not for walrus, it is for Warty Pig. Many of these animals are inspired from our local zoo. If you purchase this I hope you love it as much as "Baby H" does.

As for my most downloaded freebie this week. It happens to be ...

more coloring pages.  This one was also put together with some little ones in mind. I will send my friends coloring books and resources from time to time. I hadn't done it in a while, so I put together this coloring book and sent it off.  It goes nicely with many winter themes.  Take a look at this feedback that I received on this one.

This is exactly what I go for when I design a coloring book. Simple and Cute.

Coloring books all started when I couldn't find simple enough coloring books for Little Miss when she was younger. These coloring books are truly drawn with 2 and 3 year old's in mind.  Simple enough for young hands, but complex enough for older children to still have fun.

Now it is your turn.  What are your Best Sellers this week.  Link up one paid and one free product below.

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