Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What's New Wednesday #8

I am in a bit of funk the last few weeks. I am sure it has to do with us all being sick at some point and time over the last three weeks and now Hubsy has caught it.

One would think that I wouldn't be in such a funk with my birthday on Saturday but I just can't shake it. I get this way when I am trying to get tons of stuff accomplished and not really focusing. I should take that as a sign I need to refocus.

Since I am in a funk and need some inspiration I have a different kind of post today.

I am currently developing a Robot Unit.

How cute is this little guy from Make Do Friend?

Or these adorable recycling bin collage robots from My Adventures in Positive Space.

I am sure my kiddos would have fun with both of these.  

So what is new with you?  Link up below and share it with us all! 

160 × 200

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