Monday, February 9, 2015

When you work at home ...

When you work from home with your own business there are some great advantages.  Like taking Monday off if you need to.  That is what I am doing this morning.  Minus writing this blog of course. Monday posts are typically working from home related posts.  Today I am linking up with Choose Happy and her "Currently" link up.

I am Currently ... waiting.

Little Mister has to have a follow up appointment from our crazy weekend in and out of Children's. We are thankful that any super serious illness has been ruled out. 

I am Currently ... planning.  

Seeing that we could have worked an entire 12 hour shift at Children's this weekend I didn't really make a plan for this week when it comes to my schedule.  We will be doing TONS of Valentine's Day fun during preschool this week. I will be posting February Goals this week. I am planning to launch a marketing "Street Team" for TPT.  

I am Currently ... drinking and avoiding.

It really is time to get the Christmas stuff finally away. There are only little things left out, like this mug and some DVD's.  If you look behind the mug you will also see what happens when Mama is busy all weekend, there is a pile of trash. If I start cleaning we will be late leaving.  

I am Currently ... breathing. So thank you Jesus. Now since we are back and I still don't have great news, better, but not great - I will turn up the praise music and get to cleaning.

Feel free to leave me some love in the comments. Today is a day I could use some.


  1. Breathing is good!! Hope you week goes well.

    1. Thanks Rachel. I am not sure well is how I would describe the week, but it went. It had it's highs and lows like all weeks. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend and yes, breathing is good!!

    thanks for joining my Currently series!

    1. Thanks for hosting! Writing this post while I was waiting that day helped me keep the focus off all my fears, so thank you. I will probably join up again this week.


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