Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10 Things ...

Yep, I had a birthday - and I didn’t do much about it on the blog. I think most of you would make a better stink about it than my extended family did.

1. My daddy is always the second person to tell me happy birthday. Hubs has him beat every year (now). If I am not called by 10am on my birthday I am worried about him.

2. My all time favorite cheeseburger comes from “The Works” in Loveland, Ohio.

3. The dessert pizza there is AMAZING!

(I decided my birthday present this year was doing NO kitchen work of any kind - and no house cleaning. Went to a restaurant for it all instead of meal then dessert.)

4. I have learned that I may never actually sleep through the night, ever again.

5. I have tons of friends that like to use Facebook to wish you a happy birthday. Which I love people taking time to wish me a happy birthday.

6. I miss personal contact on your birthday. This is why we sent a video to our friend and babysitter on her birthday.

7. I really miss getting cards on my birthday now that my grandparents have passed.

8. My kids are going to be great gift givers - they already put their heart in their gifts they give. Even if it is just a colored picture from the coloring book.

9. I would rather spend my birthday with my Hickman Five than anyone else.

10. 37 will be better than 36 -- it has to be.

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