Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tell Me About It Tuesday: Freebies!

As many of you may or may not know - I was a social worker, turned preschool business owner, turned teacher, turned at home mom. Some days I just "stay-home" and do all the fun stuff - play, errands, parent. Other days I "work-at-home" - I run a Teachers Pay Teachers Store. I also homeschool my two for preschool. 
Clip Art: Edu-Clips // Background: Ashley Hughes

Of course I love to test out my own creations, but then you get sick for an entire month and you are able to rely on other teachers creations.  Here are some of the Spring and Easter freebies I am looking forward to using with Little Miss and Little Mister.

Yeehaw Teaching in Texas
You hide pictures in eggs and they will match the egg to the answer sheet provided. They will color the eggs on the answer sheet to match the color egg they found the picture in.

Miss Mittereder

The flip flops come in two sizes and it comes with a worksheet. We will make a game or two with this resource. The worksheet will come in handy when I have to give Little Miss her own things to do to keep them separated and occupied.

Wild About Teaching

We do this activity different ways all the time. Around Fourth of July we did this with M&M's. At Valentine's we did this with conversation hearts. My two love these activities. I am looking forward to the added aspect of sorting into the circles first with this activity.

A Special Kind of Class
Matching games are LOVED in our house. How cute are those bees?!? When this is printed out the kids will match the noun on the hive with the noun on the bee.

Last year I made these color by number grids.  I am looking forward to using them again this year. 

Sara Hickman

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