Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Review: Complicated Creatures by Alexi Lawless

Yesterday I finished Complicated Creatures Part One by Alexi Lawless. I was making lunch for the kiddos and I found myself still thinking about the book and how it ended.

I have done much of my reading on my phone/tablet lately. My new PC version ... LOVE IT!
Next read will be paper and in my hands though.
Then I found myself thinking about things like ... this book would not be for everyone. I would not recommend this book to this person or that person. I remember one time I was talking about books I have read with a group of bible study ladies. One said, "I couldn't finish that Emily Griffin book - too much sex. Too descriptive."  If you feel that way about Emily Griffin books you need to run from this book. There are sex scenes. There is more than one. They are explicit. If you don't like books with harsh language. This book is not for you. There is frequent use of four letter words.

I have been reading a lot of Christian fiction lately. This is book in no way is Christian fiction. In fact the book description asks, "Over 50 Shades?"

Now -- if you are still interested - time to talk about this book.

The characters are Sam Wyatt and her team including Carey Nelson, Jack Roman and his "team" including Mitch and his brother Jamie. The story is set in Chicago with a lot of travel.

Sam and her team are all part of a Human Asset Protection team. They protect high profile people. They are all former military special agents of some kind or another. Sam was a naval negotiator, and she is a Texan. She is strong, sexy, and intriguing.

Jack and his 'team' are in real estate. Jack is the tall, dark and handsome Italian playboy.

Sam and Jack meet when she purchase the penthouse across from his in The Whitney (a building that Jack owns and restored). He has no clue that S. Wyatt that just bought the penthouse was a woman which begins the "who is this woman?" for Jack.

The story takes you through the blooming of their relationship. While keeping you at the edge of your seat as you go to all these intense places Sam and her team have to go.  Since she has a dangerous lifestyle Sam keeps relationships "fun" and doesn't make attachments. Jack falls for her hard and fast.

Jack just keeps loving her and he wears her down. She starts to get attached, she starts to fall in love.

To be honest in the middle of the book I was starting to think if it would take a turn that would make me want to read part two. I wasn't loving it. It was a good story, but it was just a romance with some excitement to give it a different flair.

Then a new client brings Sam's past right into her present. Protecting an ex-lover, her boyfriend's brother testing out technology in a violent area with her team there to also protect him. Then things take a turn and ... THE BOOK ENDS!

It ends without any conclusion to any of the stories. You are left asking what is going to happen to Jamie, Carey, Jack, and Sam. Who is this new guy and what happened when to make that happen? Talk about a cliff hanger! I felt like I was watching a season finale of a show and now I have to wait ... for how long??? When does Part Two come out?!?!?!

Would I recommend this book to my friends? Depends on the friend. I would warn them about the language and the explicit nature. Would I recommend this book to my mom? No - I know this is not something she would read, but I would totally pass it along to a few of my aunts who read "steamy romance novels" or even my sister.

Get your copy here:

Interested in more? You can connect with Alexi Lawless here. Join her mailing list and you get a Free Novella for a limited time.  Complicated Creatures 1.5!

I was contacted by the publishing company to review the book a while back. When I reached out (I was ready to review things again) I was told that the book was free on Amazon right now and I was more than welcome to review it. I was not compensated for my review in any way and the opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Although I read all of the 50 Shades books I am kinda over that type of that book as of right now. However, I am always on the lookout for an easy beach read while on vacation so this might be the one!


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