Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Heart Belongs to Two Men.

My heart belongs to two men and my husband is perfectly okay with that. 

I have always heard the cliche statement, "You heart will just grow in love and you will be able to love one just as much as you love the other." As women we usually hear this when we are fearful of having a second child. And it is true - you don't love one less so that you can love them equally. You just get more room to love. 

Isn't it amazing that God loves us so much that He gave his ONE AND ONLY Son so that we can have a life with Him! Think about it mamas, HIS ONE AND ONLY SON. 

Could you have done it? There is no way on God's green Earth that I would give up my ONE AND ONLY son. Even if God asked me to, I would be holding on so very tight, I wouldn't be able to let go. Sure, God, yes He is yours, but you gave him to me! You can't have him back.  He has my heart!

Baby Boy, Day 1

The day that Little Mister was laying on my chest (yes in this picture he is not even a day old) no longer brewing in my belly. My heart grew 3 sizes! Yep, I experienced exactly what The Grinch did!. My heart belonged to another man now. My husband now has to share. He is okay with that by the way.  

At the time of writing this Little Mr is 9 days shy of 3 and 1/2.

I love him more today on day 1262 than I did on day 1.  

I love him more today than I did on day 1 because ... 

I have seen how passionate he is ... that will take him to places he hasn't even thought of yet. Oh and he is a thinker!

Just like his daddy he loves to laugh. He loves to make you laugh! When he realizes he made you laugh he won't quit. According to him, "Quitting is a bad thing Mama." Just remember that when things get hard baby.

He is a lover with spunk. Don't let this sweet, sweet darling face fool you. He loves hard. Knock you to the floor with a flying bear hug hard. For him love him hard in return. The harder the better!

Dirt + Cars = One Happy Boy. I am so thankful that he is 3 1/2 now. I can let him spend as much time outside as his little heart desires with minimal supervision. He is so content to take his cars outside and just play in the sandbox or the grass.

Helper extraordinaire in the kitchen. Give him time and he will be doing it all on his own. Watch out ladies, he might have mama's gifts in the kitchen. Another skill that will take him far!

Be still my beating heart. What did I do to be this blessed? I don't deserve any of this. Thank you God for loving me this much and so much more..

He is adventurous, curious, and daring.

Watch out world! He is going to get you!

Full of life since day one. Stolen this Mama's heart from breathe one.

I thank God for him. Even on the days when I can't get pass the fighting, hitting, pushing, arguing and crying -- I thank God for my son. I thank God that I don't have to give up my one and only son. I couldn't do it. I would be giving up my heart.

Mommy loves you Monkey Man. More than my words will ever be able to express.

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