Saturday, July 18, 2015

Coming Soon!

So I did it again ... two months later I am finally updating the blog.

If I have had you as a reader for a long time I am sorry that I do this to you from time to time, but I want to thank you for sticking around.

Life has been gone through another cycle of ups and downs.. Many more ups than downs this time around.. I am not sure I even have the words to explain it all. I will over time - and it gives me some great content to share later!  haha.

I will fill in two things ... I am now a working (out of the house) mama. The balance to make that happen has been part of all the ups and downs. I will fill you in on how that all came to be in a later post, it is totally a God thing. The other is that we are MOVING!!! (Would it be wrong to fill this whole post with exclamation points? - Yes it would Sara, yes it would!)

Not that I am counting, but we get our keys in 59 days (from the point of writing this).

Because of these two major things I would like to say that I am ready to jump in and post new stuff daily! Let's be honest, I am just not there yet, but I am really going to put the energy in and get things continued in the right direction.

Hickman Five Blogging Schedule

Working Mama Monday is for all those trials and tribulations of being a working mom. (And hubby is working a mid-shift job so this is going to be fun! God is really having fun in our lives right now!)

Tell Me About It Tuesday is still for anything I have time to review. Let's be honest, reviewing is not happening right now. I mean for real -- I don't have time for that right now. So the what I am telling you about might take a different spin.  (It may even take a new theme as time goes on --- like maybe Teaching Tidbits Tuesdays)

What's New Wednesday is going to come back. I met a few of you in Vegas and you said you liked linking up, so I will do my best to bring it back! I will also be talking about my latest project, or newest product on Wednesday.

Who doesn't love Throwback Thursday? It may be school oriented, business oriented, life oriented, who knows .... you are just going to have to tune in to see!

Fun-Filled Family - Yep, that is going to be a family post, something having to do with a Hickman Five Adventure or something these crazy kids say.  :)

Saturday and Sundays have not theme, they are my free for all. Maybe even free of posting. We shall see.

This week will not have many posts, seeing that I am going to be writing them and scheduling to make sure they post.  But the week after will start to have regular posts again, I hope.

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