Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review: I Finally Quit by David Ross

When it was presented that Heather Randall of Christian Women Affiliates had a “different” book for us to review and wanted to make sure she had willing reviewers I took a chance. I read the summary of I Finally Quit by David Ross on Amazon. I replied to her, I would be willing to review it. And here we are.  

So, I Finally Quit by David Ross is a memoir with a call to action. David Ross was successful, engaged, and at the top of his game when his world came crashing down and sent him straight off the cliff, metaphorically of course.  You see Ross was all those things, but he was a alcoholic and a smoker.

Ross takes you through a series of “fortunate” events. Horrible, but “fortunate” events that took him from where he was to the lowest of lows and back up the mountain. This time that mountain was a different mountain, one of sobriety. This mountain lead to living, really living, not just existing.

When I read the summary of “I Finally Quit” I thought to myself, okay I don’t really have things that I need to quit … like this. I have other things I am sure, but not like this. His story sounds really interesting and maybe it will give me some concrete tools to pass on smokers and drinkers in my life.  

That was my expectation. Having finished the book I don’t feel like my expectations were met. I know what David used, but he didn’t give any tools on how to take what he did and use it for yourself. The final 10 pages of the book or so are a call to action. The action being join the “I Finally Quit Movement” through the ifinallyquit.com.  I felt this was a little like pleading, honestly.

What I didn’t expect was to find myself so incredibly intrigued by this story. I actually found myself wanting to come back to the book and find out more. How did he do it? What did he go through next? I found it amazing that he quit drinking without being checked into a rehab facility.  When you read about what he went through I dare you to not be amazed by what God can do in people’s lives … even when they don’t really seem to know Him all that much. Ross mentions that it was obvious God’s hand was on his life and he talks about one time where he saw an angel. It did not appear that he was actively seeking, or in a relationship with God while all this was happening to him.  

I wanted to know more. I went to ifinallyquit.com, I registered and looked around. He has groups for anything you want to quit -- low self worth, sweets and sugar, complaining -- right now there are 16 support groups. The movement is newer, but the dream of this movement is what got him through the dark temptations.  

His story may be what you need to take that next step into quitting the thing you want to quit. His website might just be the thing you need to connect with the support that is going to help you move to quitter.

You can become a quitter here> ifinallyquit.com
You can pick up a copy of “I Finally Quit” here> The I Finally Quit Movement: Recruiting an Army of Quitters
You can like I Finally Quit on Facebook here>www.facebook.com/ifinallyquit

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