Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What's New Wednesday Link Up!

I know I have basically fallen off the face of the earth. Through each person getting sick over the last few months, allergies, job losses, some not-so constructive criticism and a class at church ... I guess I fell off a bit.

But ... I am back!

So here we are spinning our plates again. I am sure something will fall off again, but then we will just pick it up and get going again. Success is a journey.

What is New here with The Hickman Five

1. I have become a Jamberry Nail Wraps consultant. I know get paid to have pretty nails and help you have pretty nails too!

I am hosting my #instalaunchparty over on Instagram! Come party with me. I was just challenged to join the 25% club! To do that I need to sell 12 more wraps! Want to help? Get your wraps here.

2. I have added more to my Teachers Notebook shop and my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Teachers Notebook is mostly new by adding products that have already been in my Teachers Pay Teachers. It seems like there is a different clientele at both places, so I am enjoying have both stores open. Seeing that I have not been doing as much marketing as I would like on either it is nice that thing have been still selling on both.

Seeing that it is What's New Wednesday I am going to share with you one of the new products that is available on both stores.

This Robot Bundle is has 8 Hands On Resources! You can check it out here on Teachers Pay Teachers and here on Teachers Notebook.

What about you? What have you been up to? Link up below -- please limit product links to your newest (not shared before) 1 paid product and 1 free product. You can link up from either store. You may also link up your newest (1) blog post.


I love to read your comments! Let us know what you think of what we are posting.


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