Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tricking My Husband to Think I Cleaned -- The Test

Have you seen this article? How I Tricked My Husband to Think I Cleaned, When I Didn't.

So here we go! I am going to put her tips to the test.  Here are the BEFORE's.  Yes, my house is a straight up HOT MESS.

I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old. The only way this test was going to happen is if I had them busy doing something else. Hurricane and Volcano are outside playing during this test.

Trick 1. Change the Table Cloth. 

As you can see in the before picture ... I do not use a table cloth. However if I were to use a table cloth I would have to remove all items from the table and it would look like this. 

I had to do something with all that stuff. So I put it away. Please pretend this is a clean table cloth.

Tip 2: Make the bed
Okay, this one I am not testing. Right now our bedrooms are turned upside down. Puke-Apocalypse has just ended and literally every laundry basket is in there and full to the brim needing folded and put away. Making the bed would not help a single thing. Not.A.Single.Thing.

Tip 3: Go through the Mail 
SKIPPED! It doesn't usually pile up.

Tip 4: Clean out the sink.

Taking a before picture of our dishes would just be gross. Funny thing happens when you wipe out the sink. You also wipe off the counters around the sink since you already have some soap and water on the paper towel you just dried the sink out with. 

Tip 5: Remove junk from the counter.

Our things never end up on the counters. Our counters on in the joint living spaces with my in laws, so we always have our stuff off the counters, so this is not an applicable tip for us. Untested.

Tip 6: Pick up the living room floor.

I will refer you back to the before picture. HOT MESS. I have a 3 and 5 year old. My 3 year old thinks that to find the specific car you are looking for you turn the box over and dump it out!

Our living room is where we play. We live in less than 700 square feet for all of our daytime living space. The bedroom is maybe 6 by 9, so not room to play in bedrooms. So yes picking up all the toys off the floor does make it look much cleaner. She had a bonus tip to vacuum the center of the room. The vacuum lines make it feel and look much cleaner. It was not possible to vacuum at the time of these pics due to sleeping family members.

So in conclusion -  these tips make it look like you have a clean house -- because you do.

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