Monday, January 19, 2009

The creative director

I go to a very large church. I am a follower of my pastors blogs. Joe's blog said to check out Brad's newest idea. So I did. You should as well. It is a heart warming blog. Here it is.

I had to participate. I went on a roll last night. I finished the list! But then we kept going. It is amazing.

Go Check it out!

I would like to give you a sample of what you will find.

949. My husband being able to let his in-laws be themselves.
950. Re-exploring a city you lived in for 8 years through the eyes of new residents.
951. The way your favorite jeans make everything just better.
952. Getting a great deal when it is BOGO time at Payless.
953. Sitting watching TV, and your dog cuddling with you like a baby.
954. Finishing a book and being really sad that it is over.
955. Looking at the photographs of your honeymoon and realize you are even more in love today.
956. Chasing your dreams together.
957. My husband supporting my dreams.

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