Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day in History

Today is a day in history. Half of the country disagrees with what is happening today. As Christians if we agree or don’t agree one thing that we can agree on is that we have a big God. God paints the strokes of our lives. For those of us who voted for McCain, he could have had Jesus on his ticket and if God wanted Obama to win, guess what. That is what would have happened.
I just hope that Obama is able to get things done. I hope that he is able to bring back the fundamentals this country was founded on. I pray that his eyes are opened wide, as are his ears. I pray that he humbly takes the wisdom of those that have come before him. I pray that the people he is surrounding himself with will lower their egos and own agendas to come together for the greater good of this country that we all call home.
Today is something beautiful. Agree or not. This is a day that God created. These two men may be what this country needs.

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