Thursday, July 8, 2010

Christmas in July

If you were given the 12 days of Christmas you would have a whole lot of birds. Let's examine --

Day One "A partridge in a pear tree" - Bird
Day Two "Two Turtle Doves" - Birds
Day Three "Three French Hens" - Birds
Day Four "Four Calling Birds" - Birds
Day Five "Five Golden Rings" - First day without birds.
Day Six "Geese a laying" - Okay we are back to .... you guessed it Birds (and what do they lay? eggs= more birds)
Day Seven "Swans a swimming" - Yes you guessed it, Birds! However, it is the last day of our feathered friends.

That's a whole lot of fowl. Lets move onto people, because except for rings you get birds or people.

Day Eight "Maids a milking" - Do you get the cows to? Maybe goats? What are the maids milking?
Day Nine "Ladies Dancing" - Need I say it, you get more people. We are working on a whole village here people!
Day Ten "Lords a leaping" - Another day of people.
Day Eleven "Pipers Piping" - Someone has to play the music for our dancing ladies and leaping lords.
Day Twelve "Drummers Drumming" - Dance Party!

Enjoy Christmas in July!

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