Sunday, November 28, 2010

Month of Thanks #28

I had been working on the business blog most of the day (I still am actually).  However, I want to do my "Month of Thanks" post before it is the 29th.

Today is a hard one for me.  I am tackling my in-laws.  I will do the easy one first.

FIL- I am thankful that you are so easy going.  Nothing really sways you.  People can be themselves around you, especially me.  I can be myself and I like that.  I can talk to you about things and it does not send my blood pressure boiling.  I am thankful that you raised an amazing man in Keith.  I am thankful to be one of your "daughters".  Thank you for watching Kaitlyn on so many Mondays and handling it on your own.

MIL- This is the hard one for me.  I am thankful that you are Keith's mom, without you there would be no him.  I am thankful that you love Kaits as much as you do.  You are always willing to watch her free of charge and we both are very thankful of that.  I am thankful that you can be hard to deal with.  It helps me become a stronger woman and it helps me better communicate with my husband. 

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