Monday, November 29, 2010

Month of Thanks #29

Last of the immediate family.

BIL - I am thankful that you are not afraid to keep it real or tell it like it is.  Sure you might be gruff and abrasive, but it's also part of your charm.  I am thankful you are a man of character.  You can be fun to hang out with.  I am glad I am getting to know.  I might even say that we get along, I am thankful for that. 

SIL - I might as well just drop the IL.  You are more like a sister than a sister in law.  You have been through so many things that I am going through it is nice to have someone to bounce things off of, vent at or listen when you have hit your limit.  I love hanging out with you.  We laugh like crazy.  I am thankful that BIL came to his senses and married you. 

N - Oh boy, I am thankful you are our nephew.  You are a funny little guy.  I can already see that you will be a great cousin and watch out for Kaitlyn.

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