Thursday, December 16, 2010

December Challenge Day 16

My Dream House.

Well I have rented apartments and house basically my entire life all except ages 6-13.  So this is super simple for me.  My dream house is one that is our own.  I really don't ask for much.

Here is my list
  1. 4 or 5 bedrooms - one for each child (yes I want 4 children)
  2. 3 full bathrooms (if I had to settle it would have 2 and a half)
  3. 2 car garage - that is used for the cars, not storage
  4. a shed for all the storage type stuff that people always stick in garages.
  5. a full - finished basement with an adult space and a child space.
  6. a large open floor plan.
  7. a dining room that is large enough for my table to have both leaves in it at all times (my table is the one my mom had as a child and it's huge!)  With room around it for a hutch or banquet area.
  8. two rooms that can be devoted to office space.  That are near each other.  These rooms can be outside the open floor plan and can be closed off when we are entertaining.
  9. Two story construction. (my dream not Keith's and one I would compromise on if necessary)
  10. a large yard with room for Kirby to have play dates with other dogs, a deck and a play area for the children.
  11. Wood burning fire place
  12. Gas furnace - I know weird to be on a dream house list, we currently have an electric heat pump and our house is always cold.
  13. custom storage throughout.  
This was a pretty easy list.  Dear Santa it would be great if I can get this nice and soon.  I have been a very good girl this year.

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