Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Joyous Afternoon

So it's getting close ... 3 days til the big party. 23 RSVP's
That means there are fun things that need to get done.  Today started the festivities.  After a morning of Christmas shopping and lunch with Husband I got started.

Yes that is Diet Pepsi in a water goblet.  What can I say, I need fancy sometimes.

One of the projects will be cookies.  Sugar Cookies to be exact.  One thing I love about birthdays they give me an excuse to bake.  Yes, I need an excuse to bake.  Oh and when I am throwing the party it gets to be what I want.  (yes, that is a little selfish)

So those are the cut outs ... any guess what they will be?
Flowers? Ornaments? Eggs?

Great Guesses!

Let's continue ... In addition to all the baking I will be decorating these sugar cookies. 

Oh the mess I will be making!!!  Yes, baking in my house is not a clean activity.  Here is some proof.

Frosting, so I used a combination of the one I always use for cakes and a recipe I found in my new love.  The Joy of Cooking.  

Hmmm ... Orange Frosting.  Yes, it could still be any of those guesses!

This was so much freakin' fun today.  Oh and where is my little Kaits during all of this?  Taking an almost 4 hour nap.  I lucked out my daughter likes to sleep when she is in pain. (Cutting 4 maybe 5 teeth all at the same time)

Here is your next clue!

Base colors on the cookies, oh and some of the piping.

Any guesses?
Drum Roll Please!!!

Let me introduce you too...

(Across the top, Left to right)
Elmo, Grover, Zoe, Ernie, Grover again, Bert and Cookie Monster!  Big Bird looked horrible so he did not make the cut.  My sister will be pleased.

Two Tips for you today.  
1. From The Joy of Cooking - When making sugar cookies divide the dough and roll it out between two pieces of wax paper.  Helps when you are cutting them out, the dough doesn't stick to the counter.  Not to mention the fact then you don't have flour all over your kitchen.  Even though that might be the funnest part of sugar cookies!

2.  When needing to store sugar cookies that you cannot stack on top of each other.  Use pizza boxes.

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