Monday, August 29, 2011

Crisis - Evening Update

Well after nap someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!  I think something needs to happen about this naptime.  She is tired by 11 and then sleeps til 2 eats a late lunch and then doesn't want to eat dinner.  That is another time and place though. 

I was able to do a few things between nap and when it was time to start dinner, but not many.  I didn't get to comment on blogs I follow at all today.  Now it is something I could do now, but as you see in my title there was a crisis. 

Remember all that flash drive organizing I was doing earlier today.  Well, I was working on one of the Preschool Resources.  Saved it, created the PDF file.  Went to move the master, then delete the second copy.  THE WHOLE FOLDER OF PRESCHOOL RESOURCES DELETED WITH THE FILE.  I hit control z, hoping that it would magically bring back almost 2 years of developing preschool resources - bingo games, memory games, worksheets, coloring pages, board games, file folder games, templates for crafts, etc.  And not to my surprise, nothing happened.  I knew nothing was going to happen but I had hoped if I hit it a few times it would magically appear.  I hoped with no avail.  

Just so happens that my sister and I were talking on Twitter when this happens.  I tell her what happens.  My husband comes down from putting PB to bed and sees the look on my face.  "Hun, what's wrong?" No answer from me, "Babe what's wrong?"  I know that in his mind he is thinking there is something seriously wrong because around 3:30 I just got really ill feeling.  If I didn't answer the next question was going to be do we need to go to the hospital, so I respond.  "I can't tell you." Him - "why" "Because I am going to cry."  So, I proceed to tell him what happened and look and look for my files in the recycling bin, doing a search on the computer ... they are gone.  

Ahhhh sisters.  She sends me to a tech support website, directly to the place in the forum of what happened.  The answer was "many of us have had luck with Recuva.  And it's free."  I download Recuva (and yes it is completely free).  I follow the really, really easy installation, click on the drive for my flash drive and hit recover.  After about 3 minutes there on my screen - every single file that had ever been on this flash drive!  Now I knew what folder I somehow deleted so I just restored everything that was in the folder.  Yes, I have some moving around to do and a little more organizing now because some of the files restored 3 copies.  But I would rather have 100 copies of the same thing vs 0.  

Yes, I am not 100% pleased with how much I got done today, but over all I am happy with all I got done today.  I am now in my yoga pants and tee-shirt.  Our baby girl is in bed sleeping away.  My darling husband is at the gym.  And I am about to take my water, turn off the baseball game and open my book.  I need some destressing.  I might even go read in bed.

Thank you for all of you who started to follow the blog today.  I will see you tomorrow.


  1. I'm so happy you were able to recover the files. I know the feeling of losing important info on the computer.

    I'm following you from the Monday Mingle Hop. You can find me at

  2. Enjoy your relaxing. Everyone needs some ME time. I'm following you from the hop. PLease return the follow at


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