Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Well my decisions to work as a 9 to 5 was tested a little this morning.  Seeing that I was actually getting some restful sleep.  This only happens once or twice a week lately.  That what happens when you are having a baby in 9 (YIKES) weeks.  I am - correction - we are so not ready.  I have a box of diapers, a container of formula, very few clothes, and I have not even started his blanket - like the one I made for PB.  Which I really want to do.  I guess having those extra 6 weeks last time around really made a difference in the getting ready stage of things.  Anyway, this hindered my starting by 9 idea - especially since that is what time I woke up this morning.  Thank you PB for sleeping.  I think Mommy really needed it.  I still plan to have a productive day.  It just might be spread out than yesterday.

As I type this we are sitting outside playing it gets too hot today.  PB is playing in her sand box and coloring with sidewalk chalk - something she experienced yesterday.  She keeps looking into our neighbors patio to see if the kids are out (which they are not - 3 yo twins).

I love this blog hop - It's the weekly top 10 at Oh Amanda.  Since I am on this productivity kick I am going to give 10 ways that I am productive while working at home with a 20 month old toddler.
  1. Not worry about the mess she is making with her toys. 
    This is not the easiest thing in the world, especially since you are working knowing she is adding to the overall amount of work that will need to be done by the end of the day.  However, we started VERY early teaching her to pick up her toys when she is done.  She does not do it on her own yet, but she does pick up her toys before nap and before bed (75-80 % herself).
  2. Invest in a laptop or netbook. 
    I know this is a pricey thing to suggest.  I did purchase my netbook about a year ago so my back did not have to be towards her while I was working at our old house.  She was getting to a point where she was outgrowing her swing (which I had right next to the desk).  I am so happy that I have it now that we are in our townhouse.  The office is in the kitchen and she plays in the living room. When I am at the desk I can't see her.  Now I can work in the same area she is playing. 
  3. Let her participate.
    I know this is something that not many of us WAHM can do this.  My business is preschool based.  When I am making resources for the website I am using fun art supplies.  Some of PB's favorites are markers, colors (crayons), paint and paapee (paper).  I let her make some of her own creations.  Young Toddler Tuesdays -she is very involved with preparing for the post that day since she is the STAR!
  4. Save stuff that needs full attention for nap time
  5. We allow TV.
    I allow 1 GoGo's (The Wiggles) DVD before nap.  I use this time for things that need a little me attention but where I can still easily supervise and stop at any point and time.  
  6. Let her help.
    Now I am very blessed, I do not have a husband who will walk in and see the house a mess and say "Wow, what did you do today?" meaning - what did you just sit around and watch tv all day?  My husband would not care if he walked and the house was a mess everyday.  I am the one that feels he gives me the opportunity to stay at home, work and take care of our child(ren) and deserves to come home to dinner and a clean house.  So I let PB help me.  She loves it.  She has her own little broom.  She helps with anything I let her really.  Now granted she is not using cleaning supplies, but the Swifter 360 I use for dusting.  She can rub that all over everything she can reach and gets it all. 
  7. Don't get mad when you need to be Mommy more than working.
    She is only 20 months old for 30 days.  There are times that she needs me to be Mommy, and you can't let that get to you.  (as I am typing this she is sitting on my lap eating her snack)
  8. Take the needed breaks.
    I know this seems like you will not be productive by doing this, but how long does it take to read a book to her when she brings it to you.  How long does it take to pick her up and let her sit on your lap for a few minutes.  Mine does not like to sit still for all that long so it really is 2-3 minutes that I am taking away from what I am working on.
  9. Ask for help when needed
    Okay between the hours of 7:30 and 5:30 this is not all that possible for me.  If I am getting to point where it has been a hard week and I am needing to be get a big stretch of time in uninterrupted I will ask our babysitter to come over for a few hours or the whole day.  I will go work upstairs where I can hide and PB thinks I am not home.  I am not against working on a Saturday or Sunday either.  However, I plan this with my husband.  I ask him to take PB and Hickman #4 to his parents house for the afternoon so I can get some work done. 
  10. Make sure you have a plan. 
    I keep a to-do list.  This way I know what I am getting done, what I have to get done, and I know what sort of help I might need. 
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Have a Terrific Tuesday!  Don't forget to check out today's Young Toddler Activity at Touch of Home Learning - sensory pom poms and noise makers even infants will love! 


  1. These are great tips. I love the reminder that she will only be 20 months for 30 days.

  2. Those are great productivity ideas.Good luck!

    Thanks for coming by and following. I'm following back.

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