Monday, August 29, 2011

Late Morning Update

I am also hopping at Organic Mommy Today - This is a new hop, and I think you should all hop over there and check it out!  The last hop I am joining today is Mom Blog Monday.  My goal is to follow 3 to 5 new blogs from each blog hop I join.  It is also my goal to leave a thoughtful comment, not just here from the hop come visit... I put time into my blog and I know other bloggers do to.  I just want them to know I am really reading your posts.

Now that I have followed all the new blogs (and it's nap time) time to work on some other things.  - I was able to get these parts done while I supervised sandbox and sidewalk chalk time.  Every day I try to comment on 5 blogs that I follow, but that is an awake time activity.  Time to get 2 more hours in.

Naptime is about to be wrapping up so here is my late morning update.

Wow - This is amazing what I have gotten done.  This would seem like such a procrastinator task, but it was actually very important to get done.  My flash drives are all full.  The documents on my hard drive were getting way to many.  So I had to go through the files, move things around, and delete.  In the process of doing this I also went through the files and made a list of what is going to be make it onto the site - now, or when that theme comes up.  I went through these files and found which ones that I would like to make similar copies of but for different themes.  I also went through the main flash drive and moved things that are website only onto a website only flash drive and in-school files are now all on one flash drive.  Although this seems like something I should have been doing all along it just got all whack a doodle.  This also did add a whole page to my to-do list, but now that I am organized and I know where everything is I will blow through that second page of the to-do list by the end of the week.  This page is also the page that consists of all the things I will be doing while hubby is at the gym and PB is sleeping (my 7pm to 10pm - I am really trying to call it quits at 10 - work time).

As I type this I am thinking, it's really weird for me to share all of this with the world, but it somehow makes me feel like I am being accountable to someone other than myself.  Okay off to make lunch!

Up to 4 solid hours of work done today.  Excellent.


  1. Thanks for the blog hops, I went and joined them. =)

    I love the feeling of getting stuff done! My daughter decided no nap today so I sat her in my lap and blogged while we sang nursery rhymes together! Then I cleaned the house and got her to (sort of) help me. =) Hahah I feel so accomplished now.

  2. I am your newest follower via GFC, stopping by from

  3. sounds like you sure are productive!


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