Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I am not one of those people that wonders where the year went after Christmas passes.  This year is no different; except, where on earth did the holiday season go?  It just flew by!  Keith feels the same way.  The past 6 weeks have been nothing but go, go, go -- could be that we have an infant in the house.

Look at those two adorable kids I have!

So today on Thank You Note Day I give you a top 10.  

The ten things I am thankful for this past year:
  1. A husband who loves me, even when I am mean to him at 5:30 in the morning.  (sleep deprivation is beyond set in)
  2. Two healthy children.  Even when their schedules are completely opposite and a little boy who does not want to nap.  
  3. My sister.  She came to live with us for 3 weeks in November.  We would not have managed the birth of Alex without her.  She was a true blessing.
  4. Lisa, our babysitter.  She came to our house everyday this summer to watch Kaitlyn to keep her on schedule while I was working.  
  5. My business.  Even though there are changes coming and we are working on making things stronger in certain areas.  I am thankful for the 3 successful summers we have had thus far.
  6. The ability to work at home.  If I didn't' have a supportive husband and a business this would not be possible, but I love that I am able to be working with my children at home.  (one of which is trying to fall asleep on my lap as I am typing this)
  7. Family that love my children.  My family lives in multiple states and although my brother was missed this year it was nice to see everyone for Kaitlyn's birthday and then again a week later for Christmas.  
  8. Job changes.  Job changes lead to job security which then leads to a happier husband.
  9. Post pregnancy weight loss.  I lost 30 pounds in 3 weeks having the baby.  I was back into my regular clothes within 7 days and I am starting to feel like my old self.  Now to start toning this all up.
  10. Our faith.  I would have not survived this year without my faith.  God brought the right people into my life and I am thankful for each and everyone of them.  
Now this is not in any specific order, and my faith should probably be the first thing on this list because without it I have nothing else on the list.  It has been a long year for us here at the Hickman Five.   I am looking forward to 2012.

This week we are going to be talking about other things we loved throughout the year.  

However it is Thank You Note Day so here are some great things we recommend for all your Thank You Note needs:

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  1. Isn't it so good to take a moment to remember blessings? It's like it brings back the joy all over again!

    Thanks for sharing!


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