Wednesday, December 28, 2011

May or May Not...

If you thought I was a trip before just wait till you read this post!

Tim Tebow, Little Mermaid and kids.

These are some things I may or may not have said in 2011 (mostly to my husband):

  • "I feel so trashy right now." Hubs: "Why?" Me: "Look at the top of my pants." (A certain garment was noticeable out the top).
  • Hubs: "How was your day?" Me: "I started saying it's only 8 hours, it's only 8 hours shortly after you left this morning."
  • "I have bad news and sad news, which would you like first?" (Yes, I really said that and I do think it still is rather funny.  Sad news was Hickman #3 sat on Santa's lap finally, Daddy missed it.)
  • "Take your child or I am going to throw him/her out a window." Figuratively of course, and to maintain their innocence I will not disclose which one.  
  • "This diaper is so full we have a little crack dealer on our hands."  
  • "Okay, I don't know if this is good news or bad news."  Disclosing the fact we were expecting Hickman #4.  His reaction - It was good news.
  • "I like Prince Eric, he has boater arms."  Yes, I actually said that.  This has lead to the fact that this man also has boater arms.
    tim tebow arms akimbo.jpg
    Tim Tebow for anyone who needs to know.
  • "If I was single I would be all over that!" - Hubs "You know he's a virgin right?"  (In respect to Boater Boy as he is now known)
  • Text - Dinner?  My reply - Something potentially edible.  (This coming from someone who can actually cook.)
Okay moment of truth -- 

I have said all of these things this past year!  Hope you have enjoyed the laugh, I have.  

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  1. I enjoyed reading this, it put a smile on my face.


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