Thursday, December 15, 2011

Who is this woman?

Did I catch you with that title?  I am sitting here asking myself that very question.  Who is this woman?  Saturday is Kaitlyn's birthday party.  Would you like to know how much I have done for it?  NOTHING! I even had to use e-vites! GASP.  (If you use them all the time I am not judging. It's just not me.) It was on theme at least.  Oh speaking of theme, I have none of the decorations done.  I have no activities for ready.  The stuff's not even bought!

Oh, it gets better!

My family is coming into town tomorrow.  They are staying with us (no I don't have a guest room).  They will be crashed out on my floor. Three additional people and a dog.  Do I have anything ready for their stay? Nope, no extra food for meals that we will be having together, toys are currently spewed across the floor.  Oh and all their Christmas gifts are unwrapped and in my dining room.  Good thing I have until noon tomorrow to get that all sorted out.   I have an excuse for the fact these are still sitting here unwrapped.  I was going to have Kaitlyn make the tissue paper that is going in the bags.  Well that is done, but now the art projects are laying all over my 'office' (the nook in our kitchen and laundry area).  It's a really, really poor excuse, but an excuse none the less.

And it even gets better!

I am not done shopping yet!  I haven't really gotten my husband anything.  His dad still needs something and I have to pick up a gift my friend has we are giving to my brother in law.

Again I ask, who is this woman?  I am usually on top of things.  I guess I am not adjusting to being the mother of two as smoothly as I thought.

Well in my frenzy of what am I going to do and do I have enough time to place my Amazon order to get by next Friday I found out a great piece of information.  Kohls is having a three-day sale!  As I am looking through what is on sale I feel that it is okay that I have held off, because I can get some great prices.  Unfortunately, it is seeming like not for the right people.  I mean really what is Keith going to do with these?

(Post coming about 5 ways different ways to wear skinny jeans/jeggings - near future)

I mean he really isn't going to want to use any of these either:

60-70% Off Entire Stock Selected Blankets, Throws and Down & Down-Alternative Comforters
40-55% Off Selected Boots for the Family
50-60% Off Selected Sheet Sets
30-60% Off Entire Stock Sweaters 
50-60% Off Selected Fall & Holiday Sweaters 
55% Off Selected Sterling Silver Jewelry

The only thing I really have any sort of chance with is this one:

Off Selected Games

So, although I am not going to get my darling husband done with this sale.  I am going to be able to pick up my mother-in-law's birthday gift and a fun sweater for my sister-in-law's birthday.  I will be on top of things better next year.  I have to be.

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