Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Review - In Pictures

This was Christmas Number 1.  Christmas with my side of the family has to be flexible seeing that we pretty much live in 3 states most of the time.  Last year, we did Christmas with my side of the family on the Sunday after Kaitlyn's birthday.  This year everyone (minus Uncle Joe) was close enough that we were able to do it on the Friday before Christmas which was really nice.

Does this dog look 11 1/2?  This is my parents dog Rocky.  He is such a good dog, even when he is being tormented by Julian Casabeagle (my sister's Christmas present - a 6 month old beagle/blue heeler puppy).

 The evening was so much fun Kailtyn lost her pants!  "Oh No! Happen?"

Alex's first Christmas.  He might not look it, but he was actually awake for the celebrations.  I would like to thank Carter's for their awesome Christmas clothes this year.  Yes, I bought them, but they had great collections this year. 

A better picture of the awesome Christmas clothes.  We got 3 wears out of these! And Kaitlyn will be able to wear some of the pieces more.  Alex, we will see.  He probably won't fit in them come next week. 

Look at those PJ's for Kaitlyn!  "Santa and the Reindeers World Tour"!  She is enjoying a cookie while she sets them out for Santa with Daddy.

My wonderful little family!  Christmas morning.  I am so blessed. 

This little girl loves her books.  She did this last year too.  Opened the books then needed to 'read' them.  She is laying on her Elmo pillow pet.  All wonderful gifts from Aunt and Uncle Hickman.

My brother-in-law takes great pictures.  Merry Christmas from The Hickman's.  (My kids will learn to smile for pictures some day.)

I hope your holidays were as blessed as ours.

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