Monday, February 27, 2012

Never Enough Time

We love weekends around our house.  Why?  Because Daddy is home with us.  I don't know what is going on with me lately, but I am needing some serious Daddy time.  It would be even better if it was sans ninos.  

However, with kids this cute how can I not love every minute with them too.  

Friday was a Jammie day for Kaits.  She didn't feel like getting dressed and I am happy to oblige, I have jammie days too.  I do draw the line if we are leaving the house though.

Saturday we just ran our basic errands and hung out at home.  Sunday however, that was a different story.  Mark it on the calendar there was no meltdown when we dropped her off in Discovery Zone (the childcare at church).  Since she was so good we rewarded ourselves.

We have been so blessed with a Spring like Winter.  

She is starting to get a little daring, this was a wobbly bridge. 

Look at my "baby" girl.  Where did this little girl come from?

Oh, my handsome hubby. 
I love this kid.
This one too.  
Alex napped right through lunch, but woke up when I was putting Kaitlyn down.  We got some serious uninterrupted playtime.  Which we both needed.

But it is now Monday (literally it is 12:22am).  Daddy will be going to work and we will begin the countdown until Saturday.

And it's a big week/weekend this week.  It's birthday week ending with a birthday party and a women's conference.  I am going to be honest.  I am more looking forward to the Women's Conference than the birthday party.

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