Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Terrible Twosday - Glimpse of the Teens

Notice how it is 8:45 and I am just getting around to posting Terrible Twosday today.  That would be because these bad boys hit with a vengeance today. 

It happens to also be the 2nd Tuesday of the month and I started going to a Mom's group at our church.  Kaitlyn was having so much fun that she did not want to leave (a bad behavior trigger).  She kept running away from me while we were trying to leave.  (All the moms were also leaving at the same time.)  I finally get her to leave - I asked her if she wanted to watch Yo Gabba Gabba after nap today.  She said "Yeah!" I then said, "If I have to come and pick you up you are not going to get to watch it."  She came right away.  Looks like I have found a currency.

We leave (the room the moms group is in) and head toward the car.  Kaitlyn takes off running and I tell her to stop as she was nearing the end of the sidewalk and into the parking lot.  She just kept going.  Now, there were no driving cars around because we were all on our ways to our cars; however, this behavior is not allowed.  It only got worse though.  I caught up to her and told her she needed to hold hands and she took off running again.  All of a sudden we are playing catch me.  I set Alex down and go grab her.  "Young lady you have just lost all TV this afternoon, and you are sitting in time out when we get home.  This is not acceptable."  All the way home, "No Time Out!"  We got home she went into time out. 

This was one of those situations where I had to stick to my guns.  After time out I asked her why was she sitting in time out.  "Run by cars." I then asked her "Is that good or bad?"  She said, "It's bad."  At least she understands what is going on.

Ahh ... Twos ... they are a blessing, they are a blessing. 

After picking up hubs from work, we get home and are getting out of the car.  I am talking to him about something and to quote Kaitlyn. "Mom, stop talking."  I just got a glimpse of my daughter at 13!


  1. Nice! good to know we are not alone....

  2. No, you are not alone. How about this for a Mother's Day gift ... "Road Rash" on her face! :( Remind Z that you cannot stand on balls.


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