Monday, June 25, 2012

Mission Organization: Mail Attack

What do you do about mail?  It seems to be a never ending pile sitting right inside my front door.  I didn't take a before picture.  Mainly because I was so sick of looking at it all that I got it all cleaned up and then said, oh I should blog about this.  

So I ask - how do you conquer the mess that is mail?

I need to be diligent about sorting it out when it comes.  Junk, bills, and "fun".  Wow, that fun category is the smallest isn't it.  That is the category for magazine subscriptions, invitations and cards.  Here is what I did.  

I took a basket I had laying around and labeled it "Action" - this means that if the mail is in this basket something needs to get done with it.  Either it needs to get paid, filed, responded too, something needs to happen to it.  Although this is a great idea, it is a little too all encompassing.  I am going to pick up a few new baskets.  I would like a basket for "file", "pay" and "respond".  I also want a larger basket for other things like ... store flyers for the week, magazines and catalogs.  

This system is working for right now, but it needs to get tweeked.  We are on a grand adventure here at The Hickman household.  We are preparing to purchase our first home, so finances is something that we need to get a better hold of.  Mail falls into that because that is how most of the bills come to the house.  


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  2. Hi from Mom Blog Monday! I have to force myself...quite literally FORCE myself to take care of the mail as soon as I get it. I open every piece, shred, file the bills, and respond immediately. If I don't, it piles up, and the hubby gets quite annoyed!


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