Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tell Me About it Tuesday: Tim Tebow

My friend Kelly shared this on Facebook.  It was just going to be a share and move on until I wanted to make some clarifications of why I was sharing this.  SO my share turned into a blog post, and I will be sharing it after I post this.

There are several Tim Tebow camps out there.  I for one fall into a few.

There is the "Team Boater Arms Camp" - I know that what?  This is the camp that lusts loves Tebow for his just general hotness.  Oh and those ARMS.  Yes, I fall into this camp.  He is just a nice specimen of man to look at.  All too often there will be a conversation with my sister and it ends... "mmmm Tebow." My daughter has even said, "I love Tim Tebow."  Now that is hysterical!

There is the "Pigskin Camp" - love him or hate him you only care about him because of what he can do when he has a football in his hand and when he is on the field.  - This camp I am so neutral.  I could care less what he does on the football field because win or lose they are talking about him.

Then there is the "Jesus Freak Camp" - This is also a love/hate camp and the camp this picture/article/comment is leaning toward.  I love that he is open about his faith.  I love that he uses a national platform to give Him a shout out on a national stage.  I wish I was more like him (Tebow) when it comes to that aspect of his life.  I have personal relationships with people that hate this about him.  Love Tim Tebow or Hate Tim Tebow, you are talking about him and He (Jesus) comes up in most of those conversations.  

So love or hate ... just sit back and bask in the beautifulness that is .... Team Boater Arms.

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