Friday, June 22, 2012

We Are Taking a Risk

Five Minute Friday

Every week these prompts seem to hit it right on the head.  We are undergoing a grand adventure here at the Hickman house.  We are embarking on the journey to become home owners.  We have rented our entire lives together.  (That is 11 years) It is time.  It was time.  Well we have a plan and we need to work our plan.

It wouldn't seem like this is a risk, but it is.  If we don't make this plan, keep this plan, stay on top of it we are risking a lot.  We are risking our grandkids having the opportunity for to hear their parents say ... "That is the house Mommy/Daddy grew up in."  That is HUGE for Keith and I.

So, we are enlisting some big help ... we are enlisting the only thing that can put it all together for us.  We are enlisting help from God.  We have fallen in love with a house that will probably not be available when we are looking 18 months from now; however, it has everything we want.  We are printing it out putting the picture of our home all over the place.  Whenever we see it we are going to pray over this adventure.

The prayers will be things like - Dear God help us keep to our meal plan so that we don't go over budget this month and will be able to eat dinner in our new dining room. (when I walk past the one on our fridge).   Or - Dear God thank you for the current home we live in and thank you for helping us keep on track so we can grow our family in our future home (as we look at the picture hanging in our bathroom).


  1. Hurray for risk on a house... praying with you!!
    I experienced something similar in my prayers for a larger home while we were a growing family in a 2 bedroom trailer!
    So thankful for the faith of mustard seed and Believing God... (here's the post if you are interested

  2. Good luck!! I know how exciting home shopping is. Following from Hop Along Friday.


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