Sunday, July 15, 2012

All About Me: B____

So I had been again thinking about this post all week.  What was the word this week?  I know what I am writing about next week.  It is just to perfect for that letter.  C ... but that does not mean that I have something for this week.

I thought I could post my blog story.  Why I started, why things changed, where I want things to go, but I am not feeling it.  Sorry, maybe because it is not much of a story.  I started to have an outlet and have let things evolve on their own.

Then yesterday, I went to a talk about fear.  I saw some amazing things.  I felt some amazing things.  My husband and I sat down and had a great talk about it all.  ... but still no B word that struck me as a post.

Until ... 8pm Speed Crop.

That is my word.

That is a hard word for me to say.  Beautiful.  Especially if I were to say, "I am beautiful."  (way easier to type by the way)

But, I am beautiful.  I have beautiful big brown eyes, beautiful wavy brown hair, I am a beautifully short 5'5", I am beautiful at the size I am and will only be more beautiful as I shrink.

I have to be beautiful, I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  I was made in the image of God and I am loved.  I am beautiful in my brokenness.  - oh that could have been a good one too.  But beautiful is better.

Besides if I were not beautiful how could I make these beauties?

Want to join the challenge? Love Kate All About Me: A to Z


  1. Gorgeous post!
    BEAUTIFULLY written :) As women we need to embrace our characteristics that make us unique and beautiful.
    P.S. Your kids are GORGEOUS!!!!!!


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