Friday, July 6, 2012


Today's Prompt: Story

Five Minute FridayGo

When I saw the prompt for today's five minutes Friday a story popped right into my head.  Mainly because I was on my way to an in-school event when I saw the prompt.

I have (for the last 4 summers) been spending my time showing preschoolers the love of science using everyday items.  I own this business and through turns of life, it will be our last summer.  So, I try to remember the reasons why I started this while I am on the way to an event.  And stories like this enter my mind.

I am explaining to this particularly ruly group of 4 year olds that some dinosaurs eat meat while others eat plants.  I ask, "What do you think T-Rex ate?"  An extremely zealous 4 year old boy shoots his hand up in the air and yells "PANCAKES!"  Pancakes?  Yep, pancakes.


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  1. hahaha. Love the story. Dinosaurs definitely ate pancakes :)


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