Thursday, August 16, 2012

5 Photo Tips for Busy Moms

I am not a photographer nor do I claim to be.  HOWEVER ... I love to take pictures, I am a regular Mamarrazi.

October 2011 my beloved Kodak camera decided it was time to take its last picture.  NOT EVEN 6 WEEKS BEFORE I WAS ABOUT TO HAVE A BABY! This was not a good thing.  Not good at all.  My phone takes good pictures, but this Mama needed her a camera.

So, I made a call - knowing my brother worked at Toys R Us at the time and I had a coupon - were any cameras on sale?  Just so happened that there was a sale on cameras happening.

I ended up getting a great camera for a great price.

Before I had kids I loved to take pictures, but that all changed when you have babies.  You want to capture every single thing you can!

Here is a new take on Teach me Thursday.  5 tips I have found a few things using my digital camera to help me get some great pictures of my little nuggets.
My kids never sit still, here are some tips I use to get great shots of my kids.

1. Make use of the scene settings.

These are programed into your camera to capture different types of pictures.  If I am outside with the kids on a nicer day I am going to be using the sport setting.  It has the fastest shutter speed and capture those moments that they hold for 3 seconds before moving on.

2. Don't worry about the smile.

Now I am blessed with children that are just smiley.  When they look at me, with or without camera I usually get a smile.  Some of my favorite pictures are when the kids aren't even smiling.  They are just enjoying the world around them or deep in thought.  Candid shots are sometimes the best shots.

We all can take great pictures of our kids. Let go of needing to catch the smile.

3. Experiment

My camera has settings that you can take pictures in different color settings.  Take the pictures in black and white for a different perspective.

4. Take lots of pictures!

I am not afraid to snap 10 pictures to get a great shot.  Take lots of pictures because your idea of a great shot, might not look the way you want.  (2nd picture top row)  Take lots of pictures because kids are going to move before the shutter snaps.  (middle picture middle row)  Take lots of pictures so you can capture silly moments.  (bottom row - pose, fall, both get up the same way)  The more pictures you take the more chances you are going to find a picture you love. 

No, I am not a photographer, you don't have to be either to capture terrific moments.

5. Get on their level.

Thing look different from their little levels.  Take pictures looking up at them instead of them always looking up at you.

When you have such willing participants to catch fun pictures of it makes taking pictures all that much more fun.

This little photo shoot was an impromptu event while we were getting some grass time.  Probably the only thing I will miss of living here the easy access to a lake and trees. 

A few more of my favorite pics from the photo shoot. 
We Moms love pictures of our kids. These are some favorites from this photoshoot.

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