Saturday, August 18, 2012

{Hickman Five Adventures} Free Style

Here at The Hickman Five we really do love us some free fun.  

Seeing that the weather broke we were able to enjoy us some park time.  

Now, this was last weekend and I think doing it again soon would be a great idea.  But I love seeing the interaction between Little Miss and "friends".  

Although I didn't take pictures - Little Miss started playing with a little boy, E.  E and Lil Miss would help each other up the structure to the slides then would race down, saying set go! at the top.  

They would run over to the ducks and ride the ducks - even though they are so stiff neither of their little bodies would make it work.  

They said bye to each other when it was time to leave.  It was really, really cute.  

Two weeks ago now we were able to get into the aquarium for free.  - Hubs had a work event at their that evening. 

So here is a review in pictures.  

We even won two door prizes.  One of which was $50 gift card to the grocery store! Score.  I got our week's worth of groceries for $25!

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