Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gift Guide for the Beer Drinking Guy

It is half way through August. If I listed what we have going on from September 1st to December 31st your head might start to spin. But let me be honest about one thing. I LOVE IT!

 I don't love the go go go of it, but we have so much family stuff the end fo the year, it is just great. August is a planning month. I look at when everyone's birthdays are and start looking around for gifts.

So guess what I am bringing to you. My Awesome Finds!

I do have to be cautious though.  Certain awesome members of the family might stop by for a visit from time to time ... so their awesome finds might not make it here.  *cough* Dad *cough* Sister *cough*

What do you get the person that says, "Oh, just give me a gift card." for every single gift giving circumstance?  You need to just start thinking about them and what they like.  I won't get into it, but gift cards are not an option.  I will let you read that on your own.  You can see it here.

So what does this person enjoy?  Scuba diving, hunting, camping, fishing, beer drinking.  Last year I asked this person, "Have you ever thought about brewing your own beer?"  the response was positive ... so let's see what we found.

You can click on each one to get information on the items.

I am thinking that a book on how to do it would be a great idea.  There are several different options.  There is even a Home Brewing for Dummies.  After some things I have observed about him over the last year I also think maybe a book on growing his own ingredients might be a worthy gift.

Then of course there are the kits themselves and the bottles.

I am not sure this is the route we are going to go, but these were some fun finds to share with you.

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