Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Into the Word Wednesday} Esther

Last night {Tuesday} was it ... the last night of the Esther Beth Moore Bible Study.

Each week I would come home and Hubs would say, "How'd it go? What'da learn?"  I could never really explain it to him properly.   Why?  Was it because I didn't think that he would get it?  Was it ... You're not a woman, you wouldn't understand?  Was it I just didn't know how to explain it?  Was it the .. you have to be working through it to get it?  Was it a little bit of all of these or was it something different?

I did this bible study with 7 other women.  I had no relationship with any of them before.  I had not even seen any of them at church and some of us go to the same celebrations.  (I do go to a LARGE church).  It was a DVD based bible study.  If you have never done a Beth Moore study I would suggest it.

This is why:
  • She brought the book of Esther to life.
  • She related the bible to different aspects of history.
  • She gave us scripture to help us combat when we are feeling over-shadowed, under-rated, over-wrought, under-qualified, under attack, over anxious, and over responsible.  
I am not sure I could even tell you want stood out to me the most.  Each week it was something different.  The over encompassing theme was that everything is going to happen in God's time and it is going to be beautiful when it does.  

There are times we are going to feel like we are stabbing in the dark.  There are times we feel like we are not on the right path at all.  There are times that we just don't feel like God is even there.  Life it tough and we need to fight!  We are designed to be warrior women.

So right now I am holding onto the promise that

The curse can be anything the enemy is trying to use against you.  The Lord your God will turn it around.  We just have to remember, it's in HIS time.  That doesn't necessarily mean that HIS time is our time.  


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