Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Make it Happen Monday} - Goals for week 3

Okay, yes I am a day late ...

Pray, Pray, Pray for Hubs.
Post It's - I keep failing at 5 and only hitting 2 or 3, so this week we are going to hit 3!

Start our meal plan for next month and make adjustments from what didn't work this month.
Clean house by Friday.

Schedule playdate with Kelly and Missy.
Play outside 3 times this week.
Go for 2 walks.

Make it to the gym 4 times (one already done, I ran a mile last night!)
Make up 3 times this week before Hubs gets home, with hair and "decent" clothes.
Start working my way through Frumps to Pumps.

Find 5 blogs to share with my followers and fans.
Pose Daily Question to FB fans and Twitter followers.
Comment on 10 blogs that I follow and pin something to the "From blogs you may love"
Link up with 3 blog hops/meme's this week.

Edit eBook and publish by Friday!

Invite everyone to group picnic on Saturday!

Listen to the bible for at least 15 minutes everyday this week. (excluding Monday)
Journal 15 minutes 3 days this week.
Register for the next bible study.

Our House:
Pray for guidance with achieving this goal.

Now to write these down so I can keep up with them.

What are your goals for the week?

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