Thursday, August 23, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday} - Busiest Time of the Year

Back for another round of ...

Its Ok Thursdays

Glamour magazine has this same feature and I saw one that really resonated with me last night while I was pedaling away on the stationary bike.

It's Okay

... to get a little annoyed with all the birthday messages on Facebook.  Hallmark, anyone?  Anyone?  Just one - is that too much to ask?

So seeing that I am in the midst of my planning month I bring you my "It's Okay" when entering the busiest time of the year.

It's Okay ...
  • to make yourself a holiday planner and then not love it and wonder if you are really going to use it.
  • to send out a Save the Date newsletter letting everyone in the family know what we have going on and if they want to make plans they should do it around those dates.  
  • to include important information about gifts for your little nuggets - like Little Mister puts everything in his mouth so no gifts over 18 months.  And - DO NOT buy Little Miss anything Barbie for her birthday.
  • to call your kids little nuggets.
  • to plan preschool ideas months in advance and work them around what you have going on with your schedule.
  • to start planning your advent calendar activities for Christmas now.  
  • to consider doing an "advent" calendar for other holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving)
  • to remember you are over ambitious and keep yourself in check by saying no to yourself.
  • to use Pinterest to come up with fun things to add to our Christmas celebrations. {Elf on a Shelf and North Pole Christmas Kick Off Breakfast}
  • to use Swagbucks to earn enough Amazon dollars to pay for at least one person's Christmas.  
Finally ... It's okay to live by the list so you don't go crazy ... September is only 8 days away.  


  1. Swagbucks will easily pay for that...probably more! I love Swagbucks! Remember every time you do anything to search in the Swagbucks toolbar. Even if you have it bookmarked!!

    1. Great tip! I will have to download the toolbar.


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