Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Recap: Make it Happen Monday -Week 2

Does it surprise anyone that I am already behind on things this week. I will figure out how to stay on top of things sooner or later. So ... how did I do last week?

Wife: 5
"Post It's" (in quotes because facebook messages also are applicable). {Missed it, I only got 2 in.  I will be better this week.}
{ABD} - Movie Date, possible ideas at Dating Divas {This was a mutual skipping, we have some big things going on and made a different decision for Friday and Saturday night.}

Stick to our meal plan of the week. {also a miss, although with my feelings last week I think we did pretty good - we ate out twice and lunch once.}
Work the daily clean plan Monday, Thursday, and Friday. {Yeah, this needs to be changed.  It makes it seem like I don't keep a clean house I do, I just don't do it on plan.  I am okay with that, I think I am more of a To Do List type person over a schedule person}
Hall Closet, clean and organize. {moved to a later week}

Play outside 2-3 times this week. 
Schedule playdates {missed}

Only one pop this week. {BIG EPIC FAIL! Yes, it was just one of those kind of weeks}
Make it to the gym Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday or Sunday. {Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday- because Hubs got out of work early}
Shower before 3pm everyday - I know what you thinking ... I am stay at home mom of 2 under 3. Showering is sometimes a luxury. {ummm... I know there was at least one day that I didn't get the chance, but MOST days I was showered before 3.}
Even more of a luxury - make up. Do it 3 times before Hubs gets home this week. {where is my makeup?}

Have a content plan for the next 2 weeks. {I have a plan!}
Post topics in as many of the daily idea plans as possible each week. {This needs adjusting.}
Market, Market, Market {?- I don't think I did ... which means I can do more!}
Share tweets and posts of others. {I did, but I can do this more}
Utilize Pinterest to share posts. {Same here, I pinned, but not with purpose of sharing the fun stuff I find}
Find MeMe's and Hops for everyday. {Still need to do this}

Work on eBook 5 hours this week, get all typing done. {oh yeah, so done ... reason why I missed out on some other things - we are to editing stages!}

Set date to see Hope Springs with one of my besties. {In process, we did talk about it though}
Email two friends and set up times to hang out. {fail}

Read or listen to the book of John {got to book 14}
Journal 15 minutes {fail}
Register for the Joyce Meyer Battlefield Mind Bible Study at church {fail}

Our House
Prioritize our debt and set up a plan to keep paying it. {purposely avoided - prayed instead}
Start the envelope system.{purposely avoided - prayed instead}

It is no surprise looking at the kind of week we had around here that I missed out on oh... 90% of my goals this week.  Dust off and try again.  Thank God that His grace is new everyday!  Read this week's HERE.


  1. I just read your blog and smiled. I know you are thinking is she sick and twisted? No, I am not.

    I smiled because you said 90 % was a fail and I think it was 90% passed or accomplished. What you didn't do you actually did! How you prayed about it. You have God and your family first. With God all things are possible sometimes and I am horrible at this it has to be on his time (I know you already know this) for me though I am the most impatient person.

    Things sometimes need just a bit of tweaking but you are tweaking everyday.

    Yes, unfortunately showers are a luxury when you have 2 little ones plus the furry ones. If you can't shower maybe just change or clothes and spritz with a little body spray. I never could do it only because I loved my showers. Keep it up you are awesome!

    1. Forgot to mention this was a comment sent via Facebook.

      I love how she points out that I already know things happen in God's time, and she is right they do. But even when we know something, sometimes we just need to be reminded.

      I love getting these messages from her!


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