Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{Review} Brooklyn Pizza and Pasta

Welcome to another installment of {Tell Me About it Tuesday}.  This is my home for reviews.  Lately I have been reviewing books and products.  Here is a different spin for you today.  If you live outside of the Greater Cincinnati area I apologize, this post will make your mouth water.

Today's review is of Brooklyn Pizza and Pasta.  We dined at Brooklyn Pizza and Pasta on Sunday - late afternoon, early evening.  Look at this place.  They really tried to make you feel like you were stepping out of Cincinnati and into Brooklyn New York.

I didn't take a picture, but there is even a Yankee's flag hanging on the wall.

Brooklyn Pizza and Pasta is a family owned business and you can tell it's not your chain pizza.  Fresh ingredients that are purchased locally.  The dough is truly hand-tossed, you can watch them do it.   Dine in, Delivery, or Carry Out - your choice.  Any will be worth it.  But you should stop in because the service is great.

Okay get on with it ... WHAT DID YOU EAT!

Well first of all what does a pizza crazy 2 year old order at a pizza place?  Cheese pizza (which is a whopping 10 inches by the way)?  Oh no, not today ... nope Little Miss decided it was time to order chicken tenders!  So we (Hubs tasted too) tasted them ... quite tasty.  Had it not been a pizza place and some other sports bar, I would have ordered them and enjoyed them right along with her. 

Hubs and I had these beauties ...

The cheese pizza is pretty self explanatory - Cheesy and delicious! The pieces are huge!  You can fold them in half and bite them that way. 

The Mattie - we ordered without green peppers.  Seeing that it had onions and mushrooms on it, I didn't try any.  However, Hubs loved it.

They brought us some white pizza's to try. - I had never tried a white pizza, and I probably would have never ordered either of these. 

Four Cheese - Garlic and Olive Oil base with mozzarella, ricotta, provolone and romano.  The ricotta makes it so creamy. 

White Dream - Garlic and Olive Oil base with tomatoes, broccoli, basil and ricotta.  Might just be the only way that I can get Hubs to eat broccoli. 

I would have been really missing out if I just overlooked these because they were white pizzas, or seemed to turn me off becuase of the amounts of veggies.  I was excited that we had some of this on left for lunch.  

Hubs had Brooklyn Pizza and Pasta before, but it was a first for me.  It was really good. 

Not only can you buy the whole pie, but you can even buy it by the slice.  What a perfect place to stop for lunch!  But if you are a Happy Hour type person, you can bring the whole family here.  They have some great happy hours drink specials (yes, they sell beer and wine). 

How much do you need to spend?  I found the prices to be very reasonable.  A speciality large pizza is around $20, the small speciality pizza's are $6.99.  The build your own pizza is very competitivly priced as well. 

Don't forget to finish off your dinner with one of these ...

(okay, I had to take it home, but ... so worth it!)  Creamy filling with a great sweet crunch. 

You can find Brooklyn Pizza and Pasta at 9797 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH.  You can also find them on Facebook

When you stop in tell them The Hickman Five sent you!

Brooklyn Pizza and Pasta did provide our lunch free of charge because of this review.  They were not promised positive feedback.  100% of these opinions are mine and the other members of The Hickman Five.

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  1. The food here was SOOOOOOO rediculously good, the atmosphere very welcoming and the service exceeded expectations. It's hard to figure out which was happier when we left, the tastebuds or the wallet. You'll definitely want to wear loose pants for this dining experience! LOL. Highly recommended!


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