Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{almost} Wordless Wednesday - Pumpkin Farm

Little Mister:  So last year I guess I was also at this pumpkin farm.  I have no memories of such activities.  I liked chewing on the wood displays.  Mommy stopped me pretty quick, but I would not be stopped!  Have you found out that I LOVE WHEELS!  Oh Mommy sat me in one.  I could have stayed there all day!  Grandma did point out that I don't look like I feel very well, and that is true.  I am cutting 2 teeth at the same time! My 1 year molars - ack, I want a good night sleep.  I have had to wake Mommy up 2 night this week already.  According to the Scarecrow I am 2 feet 4 inches tall.  Mommy will be taking my picture in front of this guy every year.  She took sister's picture in front of it too.  She thinks it's a great idea.  She's pretty smart so I guess it is. 

Little Miss:  FINALLY!  We went to the pumpkin farm!  Even though Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let me ride the train I had a great time.  Daddy said the man was driving the train too fast and I was too small to ride.  So we played on all the structures instead.  I played hopscotch.  Mommy was so proud of me that I jumped on the numbers in order.  Even without her counting them for me.  I picked out my very own pumpkin this year.  Daddy let me pick out brother's too.  I got mad at the pumpkin farm though.  Some girl took brother's pumpkin right out of the stroller!  Her Mommy didn't make her give it back either.  She just took a picture of her carrying the pumpkin.  So I got to pick our a better one for him.  I had a lot of fun until we had to go home.  Mommy said we might get to go back.  That would be fun.
So last year Little Mister went with us to the pumpkin farm.
Top Row: 2011 tire taller than me/2012 tire still taller than me.
Bottom Row: 2011 I am wider than the tire/2012 I am still wider than the tire while carrying Little Mister.

PS - yes my children speak that well.  : D

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