Sunday, October 14, 2012

G is for Girly

Okay, I am so super behind on this blogging challenge I started.  So I am going to catch up some.  I could give a whole bunch of excuses, but the truth is I have just been letting things and life get away from me.

So I am going to get caught up.  Starting with All About Me Challenge A to Z.

G = Girly

What does it mean when someone says "girly" to you?  To me it means ... I love fashion - although I never wear trends.  I love being stylish - although right now my style is Mama Chic.  (Oh I like that and I might make it a thing!)  I love heels, boots, wedges and pretty much any shoe that is not athletic.  My current love is actually flats.  I guess that is because of my whole Mama Chic thing going on.

Being 'girly' is much more than just the surface.  I love romance and being in love.  Hearts are my favorite shape and Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday (even more than Christmas - I know, hard to believe).  Yes, pink is my favorite color - pink and brown is my favorite combination.

Not only do I love romance, I love being romanced.  I love going on dates and I love being a wife.

Being 'girly' has become such a negative thing in our society.  I get a little flustered when other moms tell me that they will not allow their girls to love pink, glitter or princesses.  I want to ask why, but their answers make me sad.  Why not let your girls be girls?  What's wrong with loving pink and glitter?  What's wrong with loving princesses?  You don't like what society has turned 'princess' into?  Then teach your girl what a real princess is.  A real princess is humble, strong, caring and a warrior - all while doing it with class.

I don't want to be 'one of the guys' because I am not a guy.  I am a girl (even now that I am grown.  I am still a girl.)  I like being a girl.  We have cuter shoes!  Oh and we get to carry handbags!

I will be honest, I am looking forward to picking out Little Miss's first Barbie.  I am excited to play with her.  I will let her embrace the fact that she is a girl.

Also, I am a very lucky girl that I have a guy who likes it that I want to be a girl and will let our daughter embrace being a girl. 

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